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I would like to help fund Helix Foundation General Scholarship Fund.

Jeff Kepper Reach Your Dreams Scholarship Fund

Spirit of #55 Sholarship in memory of Brandon James Sanders

Coach Muirhead Memorial Scholarship

Peggy Crabtree Memorial Scholarship

Bob Christian Memorial

The Albanese-Fishel Family Legacy Scholarship

Coach Schultz Memorial Scholarship (Angus Yang)

Casey Hargis/Kiana Taylor Memorial Scholarship

Mike/Mindy Lewis The Don's Memorial Scholarship

Mitchell Memorial Scholarship

Singer Scholarship

Ric Engrebretson Scholarship

Coach Schultz Memorial Scholarship (Victor Dahn)

The Rutherford Family Scholarship

Calvin Hwang Scholarship

Clovis Hill Memorial

Jean Leighton Scholarship

The Miller Family Scholarship

The Pacific View Foundation

William and Gwen Pogue Scholarship

If you are interested in starting a Scholarship please send us an email at


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